ArtComm applies strategic thinking and creative talent to build brand equity. We work with new and existing brands to create meaningful identity, brand language and clarity of purpose. We like to see ourselves as the bridge between creativity (art) and commerce.




brand+design x product opportunity = commerce



Through a process of ‘getting to know you’, we will help to define your brand. We will look for the essence of your organisation and help define its purpose – why do you exist and how do you make a difference?



Your brand is expressed through a multitude of touchpoints. Brand definition is as much about how you answer the telephone as how your logo looks. All brand representations must link to your purpose – they are an expression of your core values and market positioning.


We believe in the power of design to affect change. Strong, well-thought-through design is at the core of our work. From signage systems to product design, retail interiors to stationery suites – we help to convey a consistent and meaningful language at every opportunity.



Your brand must be properly documented and controlled. Without written manuals, the essence of the brand and the value of your investment in branding, will be diluted. We provide the control documentation, style guides and user manuals for ongoing maintenance of the brand.


your brand potential

Defining your brand; creating a written/visual language that encapsulates the essence of your brand; will help you to reach your full potential. Colleagues will better understand who they work for and why they work there. New recruits will aspire

to your brand personality, purpose and visual representation.


For Customers, your brand is an expression of how you go about your

business – it creates an emotional connection even before you have met. Good branding is a platform from which to grow business – it can define strategy and

provide direction for both internal and external audiences.

Brand equity is enhanced when your purpose is clearly defined - every touchpoint reflects the values associated with your brand. A brand with clarity, simplicity and coherent expression is an aspirational brand with clear vision.

how it works


We spend time getting to know you, your products and services. We look at your competitors and your marketplace in order to understand

how you are better/different/distinct.



Through a series of simple statements – we provide a distillation of your brand. The outcome of this phase is a clear and achievable ‘purpose’.



Your logo is a core component within a complex written and visual language. We will create a carefully constructed framework from which to build brand value.



Your investment in brand development will only be worthwhile if you put in place some controls for its application. We develop simple guidelines (other times they are very complex) for the ongoing application of your brand.


We’d love to hear from you to

discuss the potential in your brand;



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