ArtComm is a brand/product developer and management company with a focus on art, design and cultural ventures within the gallery and museum sector. ArtComm was founded by Gregg Sedgwick, one of the region’s most respected designers/creative strategists who has created some of the Middle East’s best known brands. For galleries, museums and retail enterprises, ArtComm provides a range of creative development services as well as operational and retail management capabilities.

ArtComm has a proven track record in developing successful retail brands/products in the cultural/arts arena. Located in the UAE, ArtComm has an innate understanding of retailing in the arts within the Middle East region and is committed to inspiring audiences through exceptional design and creative products.

To date, we’ve generated in excess of $30m in the sale of artistic assets through retail channels. We’ve only just begun...

Through a group of inter-related Companies, ArtComm offers a comprehensive suite of services and products to the Art/Cultural and Retail sectors:

Product design

Brand development

Brand management and merchandising

Retail environmental design

Corporate art solutions

Retail management (within Arts/Museum/Gallery sectors)

Art Print & Production

We see the potential in brands, physical locations and artistic assets and convert this into merchandise. In doing this, we work in partnerships through which to generate revenue and create a return on investment.

We may ask to license your brand for specific product or you may prefer to enter a joint venture with ArtComm. Because we understand the value of brands, we are careful to envision products which compliment your core values and reinforce your brand philosophy. We design with sensitivity and originality but always with an eye to practical and commercial considerations.

The outcome is product which is relevant to your customers and capable of reaching new markets. Such brand extensions can take your product, service or location to new territories, customers and market sectors.

Retailing, within gallery and museum spaces, offers a unique opportunity to connect with audiences through relevant product. To take away a memento of an event, artwork or artefact, is almost a prerequisite of any museum visit and a valuable source of additional revenue for the institution. ArtComm is expert in the commoditization of artworks, photographs and collections through a diverse range of standard and bespoke products. Applying creativity and innovative design, ArtComm will produce a coordinated range of products to suit most visitor types. For specific event and exhibits, ArtComm can create a limited range of items specifically targeted for short-term application.

In the Middle East region, only ArtComm has the necessary experience in art retailing to reach significant retail targets. Such experience extends beyond product design and manufacture. As owners of the region’s largest retail gallery group (Gallery One) ArtComm has extensive operational and merchandising expertise. For Museum and Gallery shops, ArtComm offers turnkey management services for day to day running as well as P&L responsibilities - allowing institutions to focus on their primary goals whilst still deriving shared revenue from gallery shops and kiosks.

Art Retail ArtComm owns and operates the region’s largest retail Group, Gallery One. In addition, it plans to launch further art retail outlets in the near future.

ArtComm Interiors Utilising its highly experienced corporate team, ArtComm is providing artwork solutions to a number of hotels, Government Ministries and corporate offices. Through its production facilities, ap&p, only ArtComm can deliver turnkey solutions.

Brand Development ArtComm has developed a range of innovative new brands in the ‘art’ and ‘creative product’ space. Several are at prototype stage and will enter the public domain in 2015/16.

Museum Collaboration Working with major regional institutions, ArtComm is developing extensive product ranges and retail management arrangements to meet the rise in regional cultural activity.

There are many ways in which ArtComm can work with partners, brand owners and licencors;

Joint Venture You may like to invest in one or more of our emerging or concepts.

Acquisition/Investment Want to buy into one of existing brands or products? Let’s talk!

Licensing Perhaps we can work with you to gain wider recognition for your brand?

Design development Have a great idea and want us to realise it through brand and product design?

Art/Gallery/Museum Retail Management We have extensive experience - want us to manage your outlets?

We’d be happy to hear from you. You can contact us at;